Sustainable development is a growing movement within real estate and has entered the mainstream of construction rather than staying on the periphery as a niche market as it once was. ZZY Property was an early advocate of sustainability as we noticed a groundswell of demand within the Canadian market before the government got involved with subsidies and rebates.

Thus, we have proudly included sustainable elements in our projects for years, including wood products such as bamboo, water reuse features, zonal air conditioning, and energy-efficient appliances. With electric vehicles becoming dominant worldwide, we are looking to install solar panels to help charge them, offsetting the demand on the energy grid and lowering prices. From a business perspective, sustainability allows ZZY to create long-term value for our shareholders, customers, and employees. It’s a feature of every step of our business, including site selection and design, construction, marketing and sales, property management, and customer care.
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Being LEED certified is proof of our sustainable credentials, which is always our goal with all our homes. It also gives our customers peace of mind, knowing that the home they buy from us is not only good for their families but the planet too.
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